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Our Strength

Also to increase our service strength in market, we have already worked at Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab , Haryana , M.P., Bihar, Orisa and Maharashtra having head office at Delhi.. You can check here how we deals in different Places


We are having experience marketing and installer team to cover each district of the all state with product and work specialist.We keep sufficient stock of all types of personal protective equipment, fire fighting equipment & fire prevention chemicals, portable & fixed types gas detector, strengthgas detection tubes, marine safety equipment, and product related with disaster management.

We are also arranging monthly calibration & maintenance camp for all types of portable extinguishers ,fire hydrant system , fire alarm system, and also providing on site calibration facility for fixed gas detection system.

We have already facility for refilling of stored pressure type fire extinguisher, also providing on site services/refilling /hydraulic pressure testing of all types of fire extinguishers.

As a supplier of above items we also provide on site demonstration & training to our customers also over and above our product range we also provide product solution for some specific application to our customer by involving our principal company for redesigning product as per requirement.

Fire engineering is highly critical in nature and no one understands this better than us. High level of dedication and professional excellence has made us today the company of first choice in the field. From planning and installation to maintenance, users support to training, we guarantee comprehensive range of products and services.